Hey, I’m Meghan, thanks for stopping by to check out my work!

Spending 13 years growing up overseas in South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, you could say I’m a child of the world. I began capturing my experiences through a lens when I was 14 years old and haven’t stopped since. I am a world traveler, camera collector, guitar strummer, softball player, shower singer, mama to Gilly the Goldfish, and I’m happy you’re here!

I am a photographer and image editor at Sports Warehouse, which is the parent company for Tennis Warehouse, Running Warehouse, Skate Warehouse, Tackle Warehouse, Inline Warehouse, Riding Warehouse, Arts Cyclery, Racquetball Warehouse, Tennis and Running Warehouse Europe, and Tennis Only in Australia. It has been incredible living and working in San Luis Obispo, where I also graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in Art and Design.